Why do you fix a cracked fiberglass pool?

     Cracked fiberglass pools need to be fixed as soon as they are detected because they will only get bigger over time and can cause the water to leak out of the pool. This leaking can also make the swimming pool shell bulge which can raise the cost of repair. There are many do it yourself videos and blogs, however, hire a fiberglass pool contractor to repair the crack properly so that other issues don't show up later and only cost you more money in the long run. A leaking pool lets water get behind the walls, which, then erodes the fill dirt under your inground pools concrete deck. We repaired a pool in GA that the entire bottom had bulged up to the point that it broke the fiberglass pool shell into pieces. Go to our gallery of work page and you can see photos of it before and after we finished repairing the pool.

      Glassworkxx repairs fiberglass inground pools all over the entire Southeastern United States. We can come to you face to face and get an estimate of your cost for repairing your swimming pool. We will set you up a date to come repair your pool and we make sure that you are satisfied with our work before we leave. Give us a call at Glassworkxx.

Why apply a new Gel Coat finish on my fiberglass pool?

     Another big question we get asked is about applying new spray on gel coat so why should you? One reason is if you have had or are having a repair completed to your fiberglass pool then the color of your current gel coat and the newly applied pool color won't exactly match depending more on how long you have had the pool. Your color on fiberglass pools fade over time due to sunlight and chemicals. We recommend to respray the entire swimming pool if you are able to and you can pick a new color if you want. We can add flakes to the color as well and if you are looking to make your pool really look good consider adding tile designs to the bottom or tile to the waterline.We use only the best supplies when we work on your fiberglass pool we don't take shortcuts to increase our profit margin as some places do. Call Glassworkxx today and let's get your unground swimming pool looking good.




Glassworkxx is a small but growing company that excels in fiberglass pool restoration and offers many services from tile addition, cracks and pool leaks, gel coat colors change, gel coat application, and almost anything else  fiberglass pool cost related you can imagine we can do so give us a chance to earn your business here at Glassworkxx.



Glassworkxx has numerous projects that we have ongoing from jet deletion to repairing fiberglass inground pools that are cracked really bad. We always strive to keep our fiberglass pool costs as low as possible to give the customer exactly what they want in a timely and friendly manner. So for all of your pool repair needs please give us a try at Glassworkxx.



Does your fiberglass pool need repair? Glassworkxx is one of the best companies at repairing inground pools. We service fiberglass swimming pools from Texas to South Florida and are  members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association. We serve clients all over the Southeastern United States. If we have repaired one of your inground pools please let us know how we did.



     Hi, my name is Bronson, I am the owner of Glassworkxx a small but growing company in Central Florida. I started out working for a fiberglass pool company and that is where I gained my knowledge of fiberglass pool repair. I worked for them for 23 years and still do all of their warranty work, along with Latham Pools. We can fix almost any type of fiberglass pool issue that happens with a fiberglass swimming pool.

     I started Glassworkxx with just one employee, which happened to be me. Since then I have added several employees that have been trained on  how to properly work on fiberglass pools. We strive to do every job to perfection because reputation is very important to my company. I feel that the way our repair looks is a direct reflection on me as the owner.  You the customers are the important part of our business, which is why we try to keep pool costs as low as possible, please give Glassworkxx a chance to help you and you will not be disappointed. We cover a large area check out our coverage area page and see if we work in your state because we add new territories every day. Let Glassworkxx handle all of your fiberglass pool issues. Will you call us today?

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