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 Glassworkxx repairs fiberglass pools, cracks, tile additons, gel coat color applications just about anthything that you need for your fiberglass inground swimming pool. Fill out our estimate form and let's get started today.

Hi, my name is Bronson, I am the owner of Glassworkxx a small but growing company in Central Florida. I started out working for a fiberglass pool company and that is where I gained my knowledge of fiberglass pool repair. I worked for them for 23 years and did tons of warranty work for them throughout that time. We can fix almost any type of fiberglass pool issue that happens with a fiberglass swimming pool.

     I started Glassworkxx with just one employee, which happened to be me. Since then, I have added several employees that have been trained on how to properly work on fiberglass pools. We strive to do every job to perfection because reputation is very important to my company. I feel that the way our repair looks is a direct reflection on me as the owner.  You the customers are the important part of our business, which is why we try to keep pool costs as low as possible, please give Glassworkxx a chance to help you and you will not be disappointed. We cover a large area so contact us and see if we work in your state because we add new territories every day. Let Glassworkxx handle all of your fiberglass pool issues. Will you call us today?


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