Fiberglass Pool Services 

Tile Addition

One of our fiberglass pool tile completions

 Here at Glassworkxx,  we can add tile to almost anywhere on your fiberglass pool, pool deck , or hot tub, your imagination is the limit. Tile can help take a normal  inground fiberglass pool and make it breathtaking with the correct  gel coat color combinations. We are here to make your visions come true so give us a call to get started today. 

Fiberglass pool crack repair


With any fiberglass pool, crack repair is everyone's nightmare but at Glassworkxx it is a speciality. There isn't a crack or pool leak that we can't fix and make it look like your pool just came from the factory. Don't sweat any cracks just give us a call and let us do the sweating. A small crack can become a big problem over time so to help keep fiberglass pool costs down repair it sooner rather than later.

Gel coat colors and application

Fiberglass inground pool gelcoat application

Sooner or later everybody needs a new gel coat put on their fiberglass pool. Glassworkxx can come in and apply gel coat in your fiberglass pool the same color as you have now or we can make a gel coat color change and make it look new. Glassworkxx uses only true spray on gel coat not cheap pool paint, then we can add texture or anything else you want.  We will make sure that you the customer are happy with the work we do before we leave your  fiberglass pool. Give us a try .

Warranty Work 

Fiberglass pool warranty work

Glassworkxx currently does warranty work for several different fiberglass pool manufacturers such as Viking and Latham pools. We are licensed and insured so you know that you the customer are covered. So wether its warranty work or ANYTHING ELSE fiberglass pool repair related give Glassworkxx a call.